Jacques Barbier


 Dipl. Ing. (1976, École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris) 
 M.Sc. (1978, University of Toronto
 Ph.D. (1985, Australian National University

Mailing Address:
Jacques Barbier 
Department of Chemistry 
McMaster University 
Hamilton, Ont., Canada 
L8S 4M1
Voice (905) 525-9140, ext. 23477 
FAX   (905) 522-2509
Office: ABB-420 
Laboratory: ABB-443, 438
E-Mail: barbier@mcmaster.ca

                                Crystal Chemistry of Oxide and Mineral Compounds

Research Interests:

The crystal chemistry of inorganic and mineral oxides and oxy-salts (e.g. borates, phosphates etc.), including the determination and description of crystal structures, the study of polymorphic transformations, and the synthesis and characterization of new compounds. The major experimental techniques used routinely are:  solid-state reactions and single-crystal growth by flux and hydrothermal methods; powder and single-crystal X-ray diffraction, powder neutron diffraction as well as electron diffraction and transmission electron microscopy

Current research topics:

All the crystal structure drawings on this page have been drawn with XTALDRAW.

Recent  Publications:

-     J. Barbier*, L.J.M. Davis, G.R. Goward & L.M.D. Cranswick (2009) "Ab initio structure determination of SrBi2OB4O9 by powder X-ray/neutron diffraction and NMR spectroscopy", Powder Diffraction 24, 35-40.

-     E. S. Grew*, U. Hålenius, M. Pasero & J. Barbier (2008) "Recommended nomenclature for the sapphirine and surinamite groups (sapphirine supergroup)", Mineralogical Magazine 72, 839-876.

-    J. Barbier (2007) “The non-centrosymmetric borate chlorides Ba2TB4O9Cl, (T = Al, Ga)” Solid State Sciences 9, 344-350

-     E. S. Grew*, J. Barbier,  J. Britten, U. Hålenius & C. K. Shearer (2007) "The crystal chemistry of welshite, a non-centrosymmetric (P1) aenigmatite-sapphirine-surinamite group mineral",  American Mineralogist 92, 80-90.

-     J. Barbier* & L.M.D. Cranswick (2006) "The non-centrosymmetric borate oxides, MBi2B2O7 (M =  Ca, Sr)" Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 179, 3958-3964.

-     E. Grew*, J. Barbier, J. Britten, M. Yates, V. Polyakov, E. Shcherbakova, U. Hålenius & C. Shearer (2005) "Makarochkinite, Ca2Fe2+4Fe3+TiSi4BeAlO20, a new beryllosilicate member of the aenigmatite-sapphirine-surinamite group from the Il'men Mountains (southern Urals), Russia", American Mineralogist, 90, 1402-1412.

J. Barbier*, N. Penin, A. Denoyer & L.M.D. Cranswick (2005) "BaBiBO4, a novel non-centrosymmetric borate oxide" Solid State Sciences 7, 1055-1061.

-     J. Barbier*, N. Penin & L.M.D. Cranswick (2005) "The melilite-type borates Bi2ZnB2O7 and CaBiGaB2O7" Chemistry of Materials 17, 3130-3136.

-     E.S. Grew*, J. Barbier, J. Britten, M.G. Yates, V.O. Polyakov, E.P. Shcherbakova, U. Halenius & C.K. Shearer (2005) "Makarochkinite,         Ca2Fe5TiSi4BeAlO20, a new beryllian member of the aenigmatite-sapphirine-surinamite group from the Il'men Mountains (southern Urals), Russia" American Mineralogist, 90, 1402-1412.

-     H. Park, A. Bakhtiiarov, W. Zhang, I. Vargas-Baca & J. Barbier* (2004) "Non-centrosymmetric Ba3Ti3O6(BO3)2" Journal of Solid State Chemistry 177, 159-164.

Enquiries:   send an e-mail to  barbier@mcmaster.ca

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The background image represents the crystal structure of a new noncentrosymmetric borate melilite, CaBiGaB2O7, synthesized in our laboratory. The structure is built of layers of corner-sharing GaO4 tetrahedra (orange) and B2O7 tetrahedral dimers (green),  with Ca2+ and Bi3+ cations between the layers.

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15 September 2009