Department Seminar - Risto Laitinen, University of Oulu, Monday, November 28, 2022, 1:30-2:30


We are pleased to welcome Dr. Risto Laitinen of the University of Oulu (Finland) for a department seminar.

*Note some differences from our usual seminar setup

Title: Formation of Sulfur and Selenium Imides via Cyclocondensation

Date: *Monday, November28, 2022

Time: 1:30-2:30

Room: *ABB 270

Host: Gary Schrobilgen

Abstract: Cyclocondensationis an important route for inorganic heterocycles involving in particular a Group 15 or 16 element linked to nitrogen.1 For instance, the reactions between primary amines and SCl2 or S2Cl2afford the eight-membered ring, 1,3,5,7-S4(NMe)4,2 orthe six-membered ring 1,4-S4(NR)2,3respectively. By contrast, a complicated mixture of products is formed upon cyclocondensation of tBuNH2 with SeCl2. Avariety of cyclic selenium imides with the ring sizes 6-8 and 15, as well as the acyclic imido selenium dichlorides ClSe[N(tBu)Se]nCl (n = 1-3), have been isolated from these mixtures and identified by a combination of 77Se NMR spectroscopy and single crystal XRD.4 The product distribution is dependent on the molar ratio and the concentration of the reagents. ClSe[N(tBu)Se]2Clhas been found to be a bifunctional reagent and concurrently affords 1,3-Se3(NtBu)2and 1,3,5-Se3(NtBu)3 upon treatment with tBuNH2in THF. Cyclic selenium imides are generated from this acyclic precursor either by reduction and/or by nucleophilic substitution. Thus, the imidoselenium dichlorides are probable intermediates in the formation of the cyclic selenium imides from tBuNH2 and SeCl2.

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