C&CB Departmental Seminars - Dr. Tendai Gadzikwa


Title:                    Metal-organicframework (MOF) materials as scaffolds for enzyme-inspired catalysts 

Date:                    Thursday, April 8,2021  

Time:                    1:30 p.m.   

Zoom:                   available from sprucel@mcmaster.ca 

Host:                    Kathryn Benincasa 


Metal-organic framework (MOF) materials as scaffolds forenzyme-inspired catalysts 

A long-standing goal in the field of supramolecular chemistry isthe construction of catalysts that more adequately mimic the active sites ofenzyme, i.e catalysts whose active sites are (i) confined, (ii) highlyfunctionalized, and (iii) flexible. To this end, our group has introducedmetal-organic framework (MOF) materials as scaffolds on which we candeliberately organize complex chemical functionality within confined,3-dimensional space. MOF materials are porous, crystalline solids with pores ofsmall-molecule dimensions, and whose cavity environments are highly tailorable.While the pores of MOF materials can be decorated with a wide variety ofchemical functionality, the ability to uniformly multifunctionalize MOFmaterials remains a challenge. This presentation will describe strategies wehave developed for the construction of uniformly multifunctionalized MOFmaterials, and our progress towards the synthesis of enzyme-inspired catalyticmaterials. 

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