MacLean Lecture - Dr. Phil Baran, Scripps Research Institute, California


We'd like to remind everyone that the MacLean Lecture is only 9 days away on May 7th, at 1:45 pm. The Zoom link to the event is available from 

This year's lecturer is Dr. Phil Baran from the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California. Prof. Baran's research lab is focused on identifying areas of chemical synthesis that have the potential to have a dramatic impact on the rate of drug discovery and development. This is mainly achieved through the development of practical total synthesis methods for complex natural products, and through the invention of novel reactions that can significantly simplify retrosynthesis. A more detailed bio of Dr. Baran can be found below in a copy of the previous email, and in the attached poster. 

Dr. Baran's lecture is titled "Electrifying Chemistry", and the abstract for the talk is as follows:
"Electrochemistry offers new and sustainable means to accomplish enabling reactions for organic synthesis. This presentation will cover some of our latest developments in this area."

 Thank you to all the grad students who scheduled group meetings with Dr. Baran, I hope to see as many of you as possible at the webinar.

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