C&CB Seminar - Jeffrey S. Price – PhD Seminar, McMaster University


Chemistry of Manganese Complexes ContainingMetal–Carbon, Metal–Silicon, and Metal–Hydride Linkages

DATE:                       Tuesday December 3, 2019    

TIME:                        1:30 p.m. 

LOCATION:             ABB 162 

SUPERVISOR:         Dr. David Emslie  


This talk will focus on thesynthesis and investigation of manganese-containing complexes with Mn–P, Mn–C,Mn–H, and/or Mn–Si linkages. Many of these new complexes feature unusualbonding motifs, including the first group 7 complexes bearing an unstabilizedsilylene (:SiR2) ligand and the first 1st row transitionmetal complexes bearing an unstabilized silene (R2Si=CR2)ligand. Variable temperature Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy andX-ray crystallography were employed to investigate the structures of thesecomplexes, while Density Functional Theory (DFT) calculations, deuteriumlabelling experiments, and trapping experiments were employed to understand themechanisms for various unusual chemical transformations. Also described is aderivative of standard 1H–1H COSY NMR spectroscopy, withediting so only environments interacting with 29Si nuclei areobserved, which was developed to assist with investigations of Si∙∙∙Hinterligand interactions. Lastly, the utility of some of these complexes ascatalysts for ethylene hydrosilylation will be discussed.

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