Where to Go for Help

From time to time you may have questions or need help with things going on in your life as a graduate student. We are here to help! The table below is meant to serve as a rough guide for who to approach with different kinds of questions. Start with the first person on the list and if they can’t help or it’s not appropriate to ask them, you can move to the next person on the list.

This table is not exhaustive and may not capture every issue you could encounter as a graduate student. Depending on the situation, there are many different people you could approach. Your supervisor is always a good first point of contact, as are the Grad Admin and the Grad Chair. If they can’t help you directly, they can always point you in the right direction.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page for a list of specific contacts within the Department and the Faculty of Science.

If you need help with...Try contacting
Forms and paperwork

Grad Admin

Payroll Grad Admin
  1. Grad Admin - chemgrad@mcmaster.ca 
  2. Grad Chair
Degree Requirements
  1. Grad Admin - chemgrad@mcmaster.ca 
  2. Grad Chair
Academic/research issues
  1. Supervisor
  2. Committee Members
  3. Grad Chair
  4. Department Chair
  5. Associate Dean, Graduate Studies - adeangss@mcmaster.ca
TA position issue
  1. Course instructor
  2. TA Coordinator
  3. Grad Chair
  4. Department Chair
Supervisor issues
  1. Grad Chair
  2. Department Chair
  3. Associate Dean, Graduate Studies - adeangss@mcmaster.ca

Appealing an academic decision

  1. Supervisor/Committee Chair
  2. Grad Chair
  3. Department Chair
  4. Associate Dean, Graduate Studies - adeangss@mcmaster.ca
  5. Senate Board for Student Appeals

(see also section 5.3 of the Graduate Calendar)

Important Contacts

Name Position Email
Bhagwati Gupta Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (Faculty of Science) adeangss@mcmaster.ca 
Ryan Trepanier Graduate Support Officer (Faculty of Science) trepanr@mcmaster.ca 
Giuseppe Melacini Acting Chair ccbchair@mcmaster.ca 
Peter Kruse Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, Chemistry pkruse@mcmaster.ca 
Tanja Petrovic Department Manager petrovt@mcmaster.ca 
Adriana Brook Graduate Program Administrator, Chemistry/Assistant to the Chair chemgrad@mcmaster.ca 
Darko Ljubic Research Lab Manager ljubicd@mcmaster.ca 
Yurij Mozharivskyj Chemistry Seminar Coordinator mozhar@mcmaster.ca 
David Emslie Graduate Colloquim Coordinator emslied@mcmaster.ca 
Jim McNulty Health and Safety Committee Chair jmcnult@mcmaster.ca 
Peter Kruse TA Coordinator pkruse@mcmaster.ca 
Laura Matchett McMaster Chemistry Graduate Student Society (MCGSS) President matchetl@mcmaster.ca  

Novan Gray

Alex Ly

Dusan Srdic

Graduate Student Ambassadors






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