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(252)  C.R. Wiebe, J.E. Greedan, P.P. Kyriakou, G.M. Luke, J.S. Gardner, A. Fuyaka, I.M. Gat-Malureanu, P.L. Russo, A.T. Savici, Y.J. Uemura “Frustration-Driven Spin Freezing in the S = ½  FCC Perovskite  Sr2MgReO6.” Phys. Rev. B68 134410/1-134401/10 (2003).

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(249)  C-S. Lee, A. Safa-Sefat, J.E. Greedan, H. Kleinke, “Synthesis, Structure and Physical Properties of Mixed-Valent Mo2Sb2S, the First Superconducting Antimonide-Sulfide.” Chemistry of Materials 15 780-786 (2003).

(248) S.R. Dunsiger, R. F. Kiefl, J.A. Chakhalian, K.H. Chow, J.S. Gardner, J.E. Greedan, W.A. MacFarlane, R.I. Miller, G.D. Morris, A.N. Price, N.P. Raju, J.E. Sonier, “A Comparison of the Local Magnetic Susceptibility in Rare Earth Pyrochlores.” Physica B 326, 475-479 (2003).

(247) A. Berenbaum, M. Ginzburg-Margau, N. Coombs, A. J. Lough, A.Safa-Sefat, J.E. Greedan, G. Ozin, I. Manners, “Ceramics Containing Magnetic Co-Fe Alloy Nanoparticles from the Pyrolysis of a Highly Metallized Organometallic Polymer Precursor.” Advanced Materials 15 51-55 (2003).

(246) H.S. Park, R. Lam, J.E.Greedan, J. Barbier, “Synthesis, Crystal Structure, Crystal Chemistry and Magnetic Properties of PbMBO4 [M = Cr,Mn,Fe]: A New Structure Type Exhibiting One Dimensional Magnetism.” Chemistry of Materials 15 1703-1712  (2003).

(245) Lisheng Chi, J.F. Britten, J.E. Greedan, “Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic Properties of the S = 1/2, One-dimensional Antiferromagnet, Y5Re2O12.” J. Solid State Chem. 172 451-457 (2003).
(244)  Lisheng Chi, A.E.C. Green, R. Hammond, C.R. Wiebe, J.E. Greedan, “Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic Properties of the Pillared Perovskites, La5Re3MO16 (M=Mg,Fe,Co,Ni).” J. Solid State Chem. 170 165-175 (2003).

(243) Robert Lam, Thomas Langet, J.E. Greedan, “Structure and Magnetism in Pr3ReO7 and Nd3ReO7 - Materials with an Ordered, Defect Fluorite Structure.”  J. Solid State Chem. 171 317-323 (2003).



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