Elements at Mac


When you were at Mac, did you discover that you were in your element?
Be in your element and a part of the Arthur Bourns Building’s stunning new periodic table display in the lobby.

Elements: The Building Blocks of Life
There are cranes and construction crews on campus: the Arthur Bourns Building (ABB) is currently under renovation. That means new labs and offices, new educational outreach opportunities and new learning spaces to leverage the exceptional faculty and students that inhabit these spaces.

For you, it’s an opportunity to make your mark on ABB.

  • Claim your favourite element on the periodic table for $1,000 

  • We double your gift and contribute $1,000 to match your donation

  • Your name will appear near the installation in ABB’s lobby

2019 is the Year of the Periodic Table
ABB’s new lobby will greet all who travel through it with a larger-than life 10x6 foot interactive periodic table display of the elements. A display of backlit boxes representing each element, each box will incorporate samples, objects, pictures and historical facts about the element.

Join us in this opportunity. What’s your element?

Now you just need to choose. Is your dream to (finally) be Iron Man? What’s your significant number? Do you share initials with an element?

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