All first-year Science courses will be delivered virtually for Winter 2021. Due to the COVID-19 provincial lock-down, all students who were expecting in-person labs, should check their McMaster e-mail for important winter announcements..

McMaster Science Cares with Linda Davis

Linda Davis 2"This is my home “office” aka my dining table.  The future Mac grad (bottom left) is not loving the transition to online learning.

I think about how the academic year was cut short for our students – and it just doesn't seem fair. A lot of people are making a lot of sacrifices right now, our students have as well. I hope that next year they get to enjoy all the good and bad that comes with a normal, in-person, spring exam session; that they get to say a proper goodbye to their friends; that none of us have to leave campus under the shadow of a worldwide pandemic.

Stay healthy, physically and mentally. See you in the fall. Thanks for the memes!"

-Linda Davis, Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology

Students in McMaster’s Faculty of Science are greatly missed by all our faculty members and staff. Look for more #MacSciCares messages of reassurance and hope in the days ahead. For the latest McMaster COVID-19 updates, please go to
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