All courses for every first-year Science student will be delivered online this fall. A limited number of students in their second, third and fourth years will return to campus for part of the semester.

McMaster Science Cares with Kylie Luska

Kylie Luska“We have almost made it! Classes, labs, assignments and midterms have now been completed. Only final exams are left now. I know that this still seems like a daunting task but know that we are all still here to support you. Please make sure that you reach out to your instructors, coordinators and teaching assistants to answer any questions that come up while you are studying for your final exams. We have found new ways to communicate with one another and we encourage that you continue to use these during the final exam period.

As I reflect on the changes that have happened over the past month, I have realized that the human interactions that take place on our campus is what makes education such a special journey. For the time being, these interactions have changed format but they remain just as important as ever! You are not alone! We are always here to help because it is what we love to do!”

- Kylie Luska, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Students in McMaster’s Faculty of Science are greatly missed by all our faculty members and staff. Look for more #MacSciCares messages of reassurance and hope in the days ahead. For the latest McMaster COVID-19 updates, please go to

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