McMaster University will continue to host undergraduate academic activities remotely for the Spring/Summer/Intersession term with only a few exceptions for courses that need student access to specialized equipment.

Here is what to expect from C&CB in the Fall Term - 2209

To all students in chemistry, chemical biology and sustainable chemistry programs:

First, a big welcome to our in-coming level 2 students! We will be sending you much more information about our exciting programs in the near future, once program selection is completed. And a big shout-out to everyone for managing to get through the unprecedented experience at the end of the winter term, not least the graduands!

We have been hard at work planning for the Fall term, both before and since the formal announcement by the University that fall will be primarily off campus. The course outlines are being altered to provide as much information as we can to help you select courses; these outlines will be available on the department website before registration starts, and we strongly recommend reading the outlines to ensure you understand how courses are expected to run.

While the outlines will provide the formal arrangements for courses, we have had a number of inquiries from students who are looking for information to plan their semester and year. This note provides an update of what we expect for required Fall courses, but again the course outlines will supersede the information provided, and of course there may be further unavoidable changes. For the courses listed, lectures will be provided by either on-line (asynchronous, view when you want) or virtual (synchronous, scheduled into your timetable) formats, or in many cases a combination of both approaches. Course outlines will provide details of this information. Also please note that you should ask other Departments for information about their courses: we cannot provide this to you directly.

CHEM 2OG3- two in-person labs on Monday afternoons of weeks 3 and 5; OR weeks 4 and 6. Tuesday and Weds. sections cancelled, must do Monday. Possibility of doing both labs same day (Mon. am and pm) if your schedule allows, to help out-of-town students.

CHEM/CHEMBIO 2A03- virtual labs, with some lab activities moved to 3AA3 in following year.

CHEM/CHEMBIO 2Q03- synchronous activities, scheduled for Thursday & Friday afternoons.

CHEM 3II3- lectures only

CHEM 3LA3- moved from Fall to winter term

CHEM 3OA3- lectures only

CHEM 3PC3- lectures only

CHEM 4OB3- was winter, moved to fall term

(CHEM 4OA3- was Fall term, moved to winter)

CHEMBIO 3OA3- labs cancelled. Lectures only

CHEMBIO 3P03- lectures only

CHEMBIO 4Q03- synchronous activities, scheduled for Thursday & Friday afternoons.

CHEM/CHEMBIO 3EP3 and 3RP3- cancelled for Fall. Expected to run in Winter term.

CHEM/CHEMBIO 4RP6- cancelled for 2020/21.

CHEM/CHEMBIO 4G12- currently expected to run, with students allowed on campus for the purposes of the course only. Once the course is underway, students can expect to be able to complete the course even if they are subsequently prevented from working on campus, as determined by the supervisor, through activities such as literature research. Thus they can expect to graduate.
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