Sustainable Chemistry Program Student, Liam Wittenberg, Wins First Prize at Chemistry in Canada 2067




We are delighted to announce that Liam Wittenberg, who will begin his fourth year as a Sustainable Chemistry major this September, has been awarded First Prize at Chemistry in Canada 2067. This symposium, highlighting the research contributions of 20 undergraduate students (these undergraduates were pre-selected from all undergraduate poster presentations for a special oral presentation), was held at the recent CSC/CCCE Meeting in Calgary. Liam’s presentation, entitled 'Copper crosslinked silicone film in RGB colors: Redox as a cure mode?'showcased his work making silicone elastomers without catalysts using copper ions as chelating crosslinkers. The products should have antibacterial activity arising from the copper and, more importantly, facile recovery of the copper allows the originalsilicone fluid to be recovered. Liam will be completing his fourth-year thesis in the Brook Group in the coming academic year.

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