Our Technology - Controlling Elastomer Interfaces

Elastomers/Rubbers frequently succeed or fail at their interfaces. Our technologies provide new routes to passivate or funtionalize rubbers interfaces to give them new, useful properties.

Reusing Automotive Rubber: Automobile tires have amazing resilience, but are an example of 'single use rubbers.' Such products go against the principle of sustainability. Our proprietary technology adds surface functionality to inexpensive automotive rubber permitting them to be used as reinforcing fillers or new feedstocks for rubber. The process also permits the complete dissolution of tires allowing functional polymer oil to be separated from fillers and then made into new rubber.

Silicone elastomers: Our proprietary technology renders standard silicone elastomers highly water wettable (contact angles 10° to 20°) during or after  device formation in a simple and straightforward manner. The surfaces are resistant to fouling, including by biological entities and can be made additionally functional.