Consulting Activities

Silicones have many commercial applications (see technical areas, below).  Brook has consulted extensively (some Company names available on request) in a variety of fields. This includes appearing in front of the FDA on behalf of companies.  In addition, he acts as an expert witness in litigation involving both defective products and patent infringement. The Group supports external research endeavors by providing custom research and testing on silanes, silicones and silica. This includes custom synthesis and characterization both molecular (NMR, IR, MS, SEM, TEM, XPS) and physical (wettability, modulus, viscosity).

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Consulting activities

Silicone elastomers
    New materials

    Control of surface chemistry, biochemistry, roughness
    New cure/crosslinking strategies
    Stripping/removal of cyclic silicones
    Electrical potting
    Aseptic sealants for pharma air filters
Silicone Foams

based biomaterials
Breast implants
ound dressings   
phthalmic materials
Platinum in Medical Devices
Formulation for personal care applications
     Hair, cosmetics, deodorants, anti-perspirants
Fluids, foaming agents, defoamers mold release agents
Silanes - modification of mineral surfaces/fillers

Legal: Expert Witness

I have written affidavits and reports, participated in Daubert hearings and at trial for various litigations in Canada, the USA, UK and Sweden.

Issues: Defective product, patent infringement

Silicone based biomaterials
    Breast implants

    Wound dressings

    Ophthalmic materials
Platinum in biomedical devices
Automobile gaskets and wire coatings
Surface coatings (masonry)
Silicone elastomer sealants
Polyurethane formulation

Contract Research

injection molding
Biomaterials surface modification
Hydrophilic modification of silicone surfaces
Bioassays using protein doped silica
Metal-silicone interactions at surfaces