Seyhan N. Ege
S. N. Ege Picture

Professor of Chemistry
Ph.D., University of Michigan
Heterocyclic Reactive Intermediates

Phone: (313) 764-7340      Email:

Our research focuses on photochemical transformations of heterocycles, in particular pyrazolimone and pyrazolidinone systems with two interests: (1) the exploration of heterocyclic reactive intermediates that are involved in such photochemical reactions, and (2) the use of such reactions in transformations of practical or medicinal interest. In addition, the Chemistry Department at the University of Michigan has been, since 1988, in the process of a major revision of its undergraduate chemistry curriculum with the purpose of providing, in both the first year lecture and laboratory courses, better models for what it is that chemists actually do and how they think at the molecular level. In so doing, we hope to engage students earlier in the kinds of reasoning about structure and reactivity that chemists, biochemists, molecular biologists, and materials scientists use to deal with phenomena ranging from life to materials. I have been actively involved in the conception and the implementation of this new curriculum, which has been instrumental in provoking active debate about curricular issues nationally and internationally.

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