McMaster University - Chem2O06 1997/98

Chem2O06 Laboratory & Tutorial Schedule

The Laboratory Manual is available online via the homepage. Students are responsible for printing out their own copies of the relevant material for each session in the laboratory.

Laboratory Notebook: Hardcover, 7" x 9" (or any other hardcover notebook)

For 1997-98 each student registered in Chemistry 2O6 must attend one Laboratory period (3 hours) every two weeks and one Tutorial session (110 minutes; six in total) roughly once a month. A Demonstrator will be assigned to groups of 12-14 students. The three tutorial leaders will cycle between the four sections, handling groups of 55-65 students per session.

Students will be assigned to either GROUP I or GROUP II on Monday September 8th 1997. These will be posted in the 2O6 notice board on the second floor of BSB between labs 201 and 212. The method of conflict resolution will be announced in the first class. Please note that because of Thanksgiving, students in the Monday groups will have a slightly different schedule to the other GROUPS.(First Term only)


GROUP 1 Monday
GROUP 2 Monday

GROUP 1 Tues/Wed/Thurs
GROUP 2 Tues/Wed/Thurs

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