Chem2O6 Organic Reaction Mechanisms

The animations accessible below were created by Professor Brent Iverson of the University of Texas at Austin. They require a mov viewer such as Apple Quicktime; this will be available on the machines in the BSB cluster sometime in October. Until then, students are restricted to viewing them at home or in WJL's office.

SN2 Substitution
(1.37 Mb)
E2 Elimination
(914 kb)
HBr Addition to Propene
(1.26 Mb)
Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution
(1.71 Mb)
Aldol Condensation
(785 kb)
Diels-Alder Cycloaddition
(2.55 Mb)
Claisen Condensation
(2.67 Mb)
Michael Addition
(H+ to oxygen)
(876 kb)
Michael Addition
(H+ to carbon)
(2.01 Mb)

We also have another version of the SN2 reaction (36 kb), which requires an mpeg viewer. This was obtained from the Department of Chemistry, University of California at Berkeley.

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