Chem2O6 Course Personnel 1997-98


Term I Term II
Professor Willie Leigh
Office: ABB458

Office Hours
Monday: 12-1 pm
Wednesday: 12-1 pm
Thursday: 12-1 pm

Professor Ron Childs
Office: ABB423

Office Hours
Tuesday: 2-3 pm
Thursday: 4-5 pm
Friday: 2-3 pm

Course Assistants

Mon/Tues Labs Wed/Thurs Labs
Nick Toltl
Office: ABB467

Office Hours
Monday: 9-10am
Tuesday: 1-2pm

Bill Riddoch
Office: ABB466

Office Hours
Wednesday: 1-2pm
Thursday: 12:20-1:20pm


Mrs. Josie Petrie
Office: ABB156

Tutorial Leaders

Bruce Cook
Office: ABB467

Office hours: 3:30-5:30 Mondays

Frank Laronde
Office: ABB465

Office hours: 3:30-5:30 Tuesdays

Steve Jenkins
Office: ABB466

Office hours: 3:30-5:30 Thursdays
Note: there are no office hours during the weeks in which tutorials are held.

Laboratory TA's
All TA's serve both Groups I and II in the same laboratory location, unless otherwise noted.
Consult The Chemistry Graduate Student List for information on their office locations and e-mail addresses.





Rm 201
Sonya Balduzzi
Janevieve Jones
Nadine Merkley

Rm 212
Phil Lee

Rm 214
Darren Reid

Rm 201
Pauly Kavalakatt
David Levy
John Kaldis

Rm 212
Jeff Downey

Rm 214
John Pezacki

Rm 201
Barbara Fir (Term I)
Marcus Kim (Term II)
Ming Li
Daryl Vanbesien

Rm 212
Xiaosong Lu

Rm 214
Chris McCrory

Rm 201
Nada Reginato
Fu-Wing Kong
Guodong Zheng

Rm 212
Wenyi Jiang

Rm 214
Ed Lathioor (Term I)
Vasso Bartzoka (Term II)

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