Ian Duffy
Ian Duffy
B.Sc. University of British Columbia, 2010

Current Position: Ph.D. student
Phone:  x23715

Project: Laser Flash Photolysis of Transient Stannylenes
1. Kimberly M. Osten, Insun Yu, Ian R. Duffy, Paraskevi O. Lagaditis, Joey C.C. Yu, Christopher J. Wallis, and Parisa Mehrkhodavandi, "Effects of Ligand Tuning on Dinuclear Indium Catalysts for Lactide Polymerization", Dalton Trans, 2012, 41, 8123-8134

2. Breton, M. P.; Chretien, M. N.; Banning, J. H.; Drappel, S. V.; Duffy, I. R..; Wagner, C. A. Curable solid ink compositions. U.S. Patent 8,236,870, August 7, 2012

3. Breton, M. P.; Chretien, M. N.; Wagner, C. A.; Duffy, I. R.; Odell, P. G. Radiation curable solid ink compositions suitable for transfuse printing applications. U.S. Patent 8,449,095, May 28, 2013
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