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19 July, 13 - Ian Duffy won the Best Oral Presentation Award for his talk at the 14th International Conference on the Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry of Germanium, Tin, and Lead. The title of his talk was "Studies of the Sn-Cl Insertion Reaction of Chlorostannanes with Transient Stannylenes".   

Lana Kostina won Honourable Mention at the same conference for her poster presentation, which was entitled "The Reactivity of Ge(II) Compounds with 3-Membered Heterocycles, Oxiranes and Thiiranes".

Congratulations, Ian and Lana!

30 May, 13 - Ian and Ketha presented oral presentations at the 96th CSC in Quebec City; Ian's talk was titled "Preparation and Reactions of a Novel Allyl Germylene pi-Complex", while Ketha's talk was titled "Towards the Direct Detection of an Intramolecular Germylene Alkene pi-complex".

21 May, 13 - Willie presented an excellent talk entitled "Kinetics and Mechansims of the Reactions of Transient Silylenes with O-Containing Substrates" at the 45th Silicon Symposium in Lubbock, Texas.

1 May, 13 - Welcome new summer students, Claire, Jordan and Rachel!

13 Sept, 12 - Sam successfully defended his M.Sc. thesis!

1 July, 12 - Willie accepted a new position as the Chair of the department of chemistry!

28 May, 12 - Lana won Honourable Mention for her oral presentation at the 95th CSC conference. The title of her talk was "Thermodynamics of Lewis Acid-Base Complexation of Transient Silylenes and Germylenes with Chalcogen and Pnictogen Donors by Laser Flash Photolysis Techniques".

1 May, 12 - Welcome new summer students, Peter, Al and Benson!

27 Apr, 12 - Lana's paper appeared on Organometallics ASAP page!

27 Mar, 12 - Willie presented an excellent talk entitled "Fast kinetics studies of the silicon, germanium, and Tin homologues of diphenylcarbene" at the ACS meeting in San Diego.

18 Jan, 12 - Ian's graduate colloquium seminar. The title of his talk was "Studies of diphenylstannylene in solution; direct detection of a novel stannylene-alkene pi complex"

16 Nov, 11 - Sam's graduate colloquium seminar. The title of his talk was "Laser flash photolysis studies of the reactions of diphenylgermylene with alkenes".

1 Sept, 11 - Welcome new graduate students, Saed and Ketha!

16 Aug, 11 - Congratulations Robin, Adam and Lana for presenting posters of distinction at ISOS XVI!

16 Mar, 11 - Congratulations Adroha for succesfully defending his M.Sc. thesis!

1 Sept, 10 - Welcome new graduate students Sam and Ian, and undergraduate student Rob!

15 June, 10 - Lawrence's departure to U of A. Congratulations on joining Dr. Buriak's group!

1 May, 10 - Welcome summer students: Derek, Shaan and Janet!

20 April, 10 - Lawrence's graduate colloquium seminar. The title of his talk was "Exploring the Reaction Mechanisms of Group 14 Carbene and Alkene Analogoues".

14 April, 10 - Congratulations Margaret on being accepted to Dr. Shimizu's research group in the U of Calgary and abandoning Willie's group!

5 Jan, 10 - Willie was presented with the 2010 Inter-American Photochemical Society Award in Photochemistry at the 20th I-APS Winter Conference in St. Pete Beach, FL.  His award talk was entitled "Group 14 Reactive Intermediates. Photochemical Methods for the Study of Silylenes, Germylenes, and Stannylenes - the Heavy Cousins of Singlet Carbenes".

2 Dec, 09 - Lana's graduate colloquium seminar. The title of her talk was "Silicon-Chalcogen Double-Bonded Intermediates - Silanones and Silanethiones".

16 Nov, 09 - Lawrence and Margaret won two of three awards for Best Poster at the 37th Physical-Organic Minisymposium (POMS) in Buffalo NY!  Lawrence's poster was entitled "(1+2)- and (1+4)-Cycloadditions of Heavy Carbenes to 1,3-Dienes", while Margaret's was entitled "Reactions of Transient Silylenes with Alkenes".  They competed against 45 other poster presentations given by postdoctoral fellows and graduate and undergraduate students from universities throughout Ontario, Quebec, and the northern US.

15 Nov, 09 - Lana presented a stellar oral presentation at the 37th Physical-Organic Minisymposium (POMS) in Buffalo, NY! Her presentation was entitled "The Reactions of Transient Silylenes with Oxiranes and Thiiranes - a Mechanistic Study."

8 Nov, 09 - Lana's first paper (Adroha's 2nd; Andrey's 5th) - "A Fast Kinetics Study of the Reactions of Transient Silylenes with Alcohols. Direct Detection of Silylene-Alcohol Complexes in Solution" - was submitted to Organometallics.

4 Nov, 09 - Lawrence's 10th paper - "Kinetic and Mechanistic Studies of the Formal (1+2)- and (1+4)-Cycloadditions of Germylenes to Conjugated Dienes." - was accepted for publication in Organometallics.

27 Oct, 09 - Congratulations Dr. Farah Lollmahomed for succesfully defending her Ph.D. thesis!