Wet Lab - ABB 108
Laser Lab - ABB 109
The lab is equipped with four fume hoods, with enough space for up to 8 people
Three sinks are located on the opposite side of the fume hoods for quick access
Rayonet photochemical reactor (Southern New England Co.) equipped with two RPP-2537 lamps, in action
Solv-Tek solvent purification system packed with activated alumina under nitrogen
THF still with sodium under dry argon gas
Analytical balances
Melting point apparatus
Varian Saturn 2200 GC/MS/MS equipped with a VF-5ms capillary column and an electron impact ionization mass spectrometer (70 eV)
Workspace of a busy hardworking chemist, contains explosive chemicals that should never be stored together
Agilent 1100 HPLC
Lambda Physik Compex 120 excimer laser and a Luzchem Research mLFP-111 laser flash photolysis system
UV lamp behind focusing lenses
Laser drop experiment
Group 14 Reactive Intermediates
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