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Yurij Mozharivskyj

Research Interests

Research in the Mozharivskyj's Group focuses on the chemistry of thermoelectric, magnetocaloric, and phosphor materials, that may have a potential for current and future applications.
We prepare new phases, explore their structure and properties and try to rationalyze their behavior through electronic structure calculations.


Research Tools

Being solid-state chemists, we use the following methods and techniques:

1. Synthesis: arc-melting, sintering, single crystal growth, mechanical alloying, spark-plasma sintering

2. Structural analysis: X-ray powder and single crystal diffraction, neutron powder diffraction at room and non-ambient temperatures

3. Physical property measurements: charge transport properties, thermal conductivity, magnetic susceptibility and saturation magnetization, magnetocaloric properties

4. Manipulation of structure and properties through doping, chemical subsitution, valence electron control, band engineering, microstructure

5. Electronic structure analysis: caculations of Densities of States, band structure and bonding character