An Introduction to the Electronic Structure of Atoms and Molecules

Dr. Richard F.W. Bader 
Professor of Chemistry / McMaster University / Hamilton, Ontario

1.  The Nature of the Problem
2. The New Physics
  A Contrast of the Old and New Physics
  Probability Amplitudes
  Further Reading
3.  The Hydrogen Atom
4.  Many-Electron Atoms
5.  Electronic Basis for the Properties of the Elements
6.  The Chemical Bond
7.  Ionic and Covalent Binding
8.  Molecular Orbitals
Table of Contour Values

Further reading

W. Heisenberg, The Physical Principles of the Quantum Theory, University of Chicago Press, Chicago, Illinois, 1930.
   This reference contains interesting discussions of the basic concepts of quantum mechanics written by a man who participated in the birth of the new physics.