An Introduction to the Electronic Structure of Atoms and Molecules

Dr. Richard F.W. Bader 
Professor of Chemistry / McMaster University / Hamilton, Ontario

1.  The Nature of the Problem
2. The New Physics
  A Contrast of the Old and New Physics
  º Energy
  º Position
  º Degeneracy
  Probability Amplitudes
  Further Reading
3.  The Hydrogen Atom
4.  Many-Electron Atoms
5.  Electronic Basis for the Properties of the Elements
6.  The Chemical Bond
7.  Ionic and Covalent Binding
8.  Molecular Orbitals
Table of Contour Values

 A Contrast of the Old and New Physics

    Consider an electron of mass m = 9 ´ 10-28 g which is confined to move on a line L cm in length. L is set equal to the approximate diameter of an atom, 1 ´ 10-8cm = 1Å. Consider as well a system composed of a mass of 1 g confined to move on a line, say 1 metre in length. We shall apply quantum mechanics to the first of these systems and classical mechanics to the second.