An Introduction to the Electronic Structure of Atoms and Molecules

Dr. Richard F.W. Bader 
Professor of Chemistry / McMaster University / Hamilton, Ontario

1.  The Nature of the Problem
2.  The New Physics
3.  The Hydrogen Atom
4.  Many-Electron Atoms
5.  Electronic Basis for the Properties of the Elements
6.  The Chemical Bond
7.  Ionic and Covalent Binding
8. Molecular Orbitals
    Angular Momentum in Diatomic Molecules
    Symmetry Considerations
    Molecular Orbitals for Homonuclear Diatomics
    The Relative Binding Ability of Molecular Orbitals
    Molecular Orbitals for Heteronuclear Molecules
    Molecular Orbitals for Polyatomic Molecules
    Further Reading
Table of Contour Values

Further Reading
1. C. A. Coulson, Valence, Second Edition, Oxford University Press, 1961.
2. J. N. Murrell, S. F. A. Kettle and J. M. Tedder, Valence Theory, John Wiley and Sons Ltd., 1965.
3. L. Salem, The Molecular Orbital Theory of Conjugated Systems, W. A. Benjamin Inc., 1966, Chapter 1.

The first two references provide an elementary mathematical introduction to valency. The first chapter of reference 3 provides an introduction to Hückel theory for conjugated molecules.