Gillian Goward
Gillian Goward
A.N. Bourns Science Building, Room 455
905-525-9140 x24176


Research focuses on: Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Imaging of Materials for Alternative Energy Storage & Conversion; Lithium Ion Batteries & Fuel Cells

Our research group aims to apply advanced solid-state nuclear magnetic techniques, in combination with electrochemical characterisation, to the study of materials of interest as chemical power sources. Lithium ion batteries and proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEM-FC)  provide environmentally friendly energy alternatives. Emerging technologies include sodium ion batteries, and sodium/lithium-air batteries, which are exciting, but so far poorly understood & controlled.   Solid-state NMR is well known for its ability to provide site-specific information on structure and dynamics. We utilise multi-nuclear approaches including  7Li, 6Li, 23Na, and 1H, to investigate processes and interactions such as electrochemical transport, ionic conductivity, hydrogen-bonding,and polymer chain ordering or mobility. In recent years, the field of magnetic resonance has experienced rapid technological and methodological growth, allowing a broader range of materials questions to be addressed.

Lithium Ion Batteries & Fuel Cells

See Google Scholar for a list of Dr. Goward's most recent publications.

  • Reeve, Z.E.M.,  Franko, C.J., Harris, K.J.,  Yadegari, H., Sun, X., Goward, G.R. (2017). Detection of Sodium-Oxygen Electrochemical Reaction Products with Solid-State 23Na NMR Spectroscopy. Journal of the American Chemical Society. 139(2): 595-598.
  • Liu. H., Bugnet, M., Tessaro, M.Z., Harris, K.J., Dunham, M.J.R., Jiang, M., Goward, G.R., Botton, G.A., (2016). Spatially resolved surface valence graient and structural transformation of lithium transition metal oxides. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18: 29064 - 29075
  • Smiley, D.S., Goward, G.R. (2016). Ex Situ 23Na Solid-State NMR Reveal the Local Na-Ion Distribution in Na2FePO4F During Electrochemical Cycling. Chemistry of Materials. 28(21): 7645-7656.
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