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CCB EDI Fall 2022 Survey Results

In Fall 2022 the CCB EDI Committee conducted a survey of the department on the themes of equity, diversity, and inclusion. The survey was distributed to all faculty, staff (including core facilities), graduate students, and undergraduate program students.

Each survey question had two parts. The first was a required scale question (strongly agree through strongly disagree). The second was an optional opportunity to elaborate with comments. The summarized survey results are linked below. Only general themes from the comments have been shared to preserve the privacy of survey-takers.

Overall, the survey revealed that many people find the department to be friendly and navigable. However, again and again the comments revealed a strong desire for more opportunities to interact and for better communication on a wide range of topics. While CCB EDI can’t act on every suggestion, we will use these survey results to guide our actions going forward and we are already working on several events and initiatives (stay tuned for details!). We hope to facilitate even better communication across the department and provide opporunities for people to come together within the CCB community.

We invite you to click on the links below and see what the department had to say. We are very grateful to everybody who was able to provide a survey response and want you to know that CCB EDI is always open to your comments and feedback independent of any survey. We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you that CCB EDI is an open committee and all are welcome to participate in the committee’s meetings and activities. Any inquiries can be directed to the committee chair or one of the student co-convenors.