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Resources for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

You may ask yourself: “Do I need to write Standard Operating Procedures? And if so, for what?”

The University’s Health and Safety policies, recorded in the University’s Risk Managment Manual, specifically RMM 301: Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Program, requires supervisors to complete an SOP if any of four conditions apply:

  • The procedure/process could cause a critical injury.
  • The procedure/process could cause occupational illness.
  • The procedure/process could cause environmental impairment.
  • The procedure/process could damage University property.

To help, sample SOPs are available for download below. Many thanks to all those in the Department who took the time to write them.

SOPs: Standard Operating Procedures

Please note that not all of the following are in the format set out by RMM 301. They are still useful as a starting point. Be sure to read thoroughly and amend as necessary for your lab group. For instance, some have been written from an undergraduate lab perspective.

Many more SOPs can be found on the Faculty of Health Sciences SOP samples page.
Some other values references include the following.

This Safety Agreement Template is an excellent SOP for working in a research lab. It can be modified for your specific research or laboratory environment.


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