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Lab Stores

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Welcome to Lab Stores

We are excited to announce that Lab Stores is open to support research activities at McMaster University. While our focus is on selling solvents and chemicals frequently used in the chemistry lab, we stock the most common lab consumables.

Please follow Lab Stores on instagram @maclabstores.

Lab Stores Location:
1280 Main St W
Arthur N. Bourns Building, ABB-133

Phone: 905-525-9140 x23315


Store hours:
Monday to Friday 9 am – 12 pm and 1-4 pm

Lab Stores is open for in-store and online purchases.


Expandable List

  • Sales of chemicals, solvents (including deuterated solvents), and lab consumables
  • Special orders. Please fill out a Special Order Request Form
  • Battery disposal
  • Suppliers resource and products promotions
  • For coming promotions and deals please follow us on Instagram @maclabstores
  • The Lab Stores requires online registration of the supervisor and associated research group members before visiting.
  • Supervisors or account holders/owners: please send an email to and you will receive a registration link.
  • All others please register as a user/purchaser of the Lab Stores by visitng McMaster Lab Stores (please note that supervisor must register first). A supervisor will receive an email to approve each account sign up of their group member.
  • To register you will need to provide your name, McMaster email, employee/student number, supervisor name, and 5(or 6)-digit number from the keycard (working at mac card or white non-personalized card).
  • Upon registration, each user (including a supervisor) will obtain credentials to log in to the Lab Stores purchasing platform (similar to any e-commerce platform), to check up to date inventory, and place an order.
  • Lab Stores is open for in-store and/or online purchases.
  • To check the inventory, stock levels, and place an order login here.
  • To place an order click on “Create Purchase” > choose yourself as a “Customer to check out” > click on “Save”. In the blank field “Add item” start typing item name or a keyword (eg. acetic acid or acid or gloves, etc.) and the drop down menu will start listing all the product including stock levels and price. After selecting the desired item, input the quantity (“Qty”) and click on “Add Item”. The item will be added to the the shopping list.
  • Follow further steps on the screen to complete your order or click “Cancel order” if you do not wish to proceed with the checkout. After checking out you will receive two emails, one listing purchased items and the second email soon after about when to pickup the order.
  • If placed online, orders can be picked up at the pick-up desk in ABB-133 after you receive an email that the order is ready.
  • Please avoid placing an order and coming after a few days as our space is limited.
  • In-store, a store associate will assist with placing an order.
  • For more details and all other requests please contact one of our Lab Stores associates at
  • Health and Safety standards are strictly followed in the Lab Stores. We will abide by COVID-19 measures introduced by the provincial government and McMaster University.
  • As a Stores user make sure that your health and safety training is complete and up to date.
  • If you are purchasing liquid chemicals in a bottle of 1+ L, please bring a proper solvent carrier. These items cannot be purchased if you do not have a solvent carrier. Solvent carriers will be available for purchase at Lab Stores.
  • Ethanol in plastic jugs can be purchased and transported using a cart or in the box.
  • Bring a cart if you have large orders or plan to purchase heavy items.
  • Useful websites and smartphone apps:

Lab Stores Manager, Associate, and Support Team