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Course Registration Hub

Welcome to the Course Registration Hub. Here you will find important links and resources to help you navigate the registration process.

Note that student are encouraged to always include their student ID number in any correspondence with the department as this makes it easier for us to serve you.

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Important Registration And Faculty Links

Enrollment Appointment

In June, you will receive notification from the Registrar’s Office in your Mosaic Self Service (under Enrollment Dates) to let you know when your Fall/Winter Enrollment Appointment (course registration date) opens. Once open, you can enroll, or change your enrollment, until the drop and add date for the fall or winter term.

Advisement Report

This is a very important step in your registration process.

  • It is good practice to refer to your Advisement Report in Mosaic every time you make a course change.
  • You can access your Academic Advisement Report in mosaic (Mosaic > Student Center > Academics > Academic Requirements > View my advisement report)
  • If you need help on How to Read Your Academic Advisement Report, you may refer to The Office of the Registrar’s documentation.
  • The academic advisement report will help you identify whether you are satisfying your degree requirements by level.
  • Please refer to the Undergraduate Calendar for your degree requirements. You are required to fulfill the degree requirements for the program.

If you have any questions about your advisement report/degree requirements, please email either or

Registration Tips

  • Check the Undergraduate Calendar and/or your advisement report to ensure you are registering for the appropriate required courses for your program and level.
  • Use MyTimetable to ensure that your electives are conflict free with your required courses.
  • For more information on registration, building your degree and how to enrol, please visit The Office of the Registrar’s website

Common Registration Questions

Although a course may appear to have seat available, these may not be in a reserve capacity that applies to you. Reserve capacities maintain a specific number of seats for specific groups of students. The seats in the reserve capacity that applies to you may be full at this time. Please attempt to enroll in a different section and then check Mosaic after reserves are lifted, as seats in your preferred section may become available.

Please note that Chem 1A03 and 1AA3 are in high demand and priority is given to those students whose programs require these courses.

Please attempt to enroll in a different section, be sure to click View All to see all sections. You may be able to “swap” into your preferred section before the add/drop deadline in September, so check Mosaic often for availability.

There is no waitlist for sections that are full.

If you have a conflict that cannot be resolved by choosing another section, please indicate this and include a copy of your timetable when contacting

  1. If you are enrolling in Chem 1A03 be sure to also enroll in the co-requisite – WHMIS 1A00.
  2. If you do not have Chem 12U or equivalent, consider taking Chem 1R03 in the winter term. Chem 1R03 will fulfill the prerequisite for Chem 1A03.
  3. If you are entering Level I and are not in the Faculty of Science: complete and return a Course Permission Request form to
  4. If you are enrolling in a course but have taken its antirequisite, like Chem 2OA3/2E03, you will require a waiver, please return a completed Course Permission Request form to
  5. If you want to enroll in Chem 2OA3 but do not meet the grade requirement you may submit a Course Permission Request form – you may also consider enrolling in Chem 2E03

Download Course Permission Request Form

You may be attempting to register in a course with a core/lab/tutorial that has a conflicting date and/or time with another course you are already enrolled in. To resolve this error, you will need to select a different core/lab/tutorial, or different course. If you have a conflict between a required and elective course, you must ensure you register in the required course. If your conflict is between required courses and an alternate section cannot be found, please contact us with the course information. Also contact an academic advisor in your Faculty.

Each term has a Drop/Add deadline date which can be found in the Undergraduate Calendar, Sessional Dates. Fall and A/B course selection and changes must be completed by the deadline date in September, and Winter term changes can be completed until the deadline date in January. Deadline dates also apply for the spring and summer terms.

The best tool to use to make changes is the Swap feature on Mosaic. This maintains your seat in your current course until the system can confirm a seat for you in the course you are trying to enroll in.

You will be told during your first week of lectures when the labs and tutorials commence. They will not start before you have a lecture. Information on labs and tutorials will be announced on Avenue to Learn as well.

Avenue to Learn (A2L) is a web-based course management system designed to create a rich online learning environment for students. This platform includes features such as an electronic dropbox, an automated gradebook, discussion boards, and quizzes which lets you access information provided by your professors.

Access Avenue to Learn

Avenue Username: same as Mosaic
Avenue Password: same as Mosaic

Avenue to Learn Help