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People Listing

Alanna Wade

Ph.D. Candidate - Chemistry - Sadeghi

Kevin Vaughan

M.Sc. Candidate - Chemistry - Saravanamuttu

Khaled Tamim

M.Sc. Candidate - Chemistry - Brook

Heather Sweny

M.Sc. Candidate - Chemistry - Stover

A portrait of Rowan Swann.

Rowan Swann

Ph.D. Candidate - Chemical Biology - Valliant

A portrait of Yue Su.

Yue Su

Ph.D. Candidate - Chemistry - Moran Mirabal

A portrait of Max St. Pierre.

Max St. Pierre

M.Sc. Candidate - Chemistry - McNulty

Dusan Srdic

M.Sc. Candidate - Chemistry - Saravanamuttu

A portrait of Arthur Srayeddin.

Arthur Srayeddin

M.Sc. Candidate - Chemical Biology - Rullo/Bramson

A portrait of Shaochang Song.

Shaochang Song

Ph.D. Candidate - Chemistry - Mozharivskyj

Abeera Sivarajah

M.Sc. Candidate – Chemistry – Saravanamuttu

Kevin Wai

M.Sc. Candidate - Chemical Biology - Wylie

A portrait of Shirley (Xueyi) Wang.

Shirley (Xueyi) Wang

M.Sc. Candidate - Chemical Biology - Sadeghi

A portrait of Rebecca Turner.

Rebecca Turner

Instructional Assistant

A portrait of Ernest Prack.

Ernest Prack

Instructional Assistant