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Materials Chemistry

Materials Chemistry Embraces Research In Different Chemistry Fields With A Goal Of Developing Functional Materials.

Our research focuses on both soft (biological and polymers) and hard materials. This may mean improving current materials or preparing new high-performance ones, optimizing existing characterization tools and developing new tools. Applications of our work include are improved lithium ion batteries for energy storage, fuel cells for power generation, polymers for medical and electronic applications, radiopharmaceuticals for cancer screening and treatment, biocompatible hydrogels for drug delivery, catalysts and semiconductors, materials for magnetic cooling and waste heat recovery, functional optical materials, and water sensors.

Areas of specialty:

  • Radiopharmaceuticals
  • Polymers and optical materials
  • Batteries for energy storage
  • Catalysts and semiconductors
  • Hydrogels for drug delivery
  • Magnetic cooling and thermoelectrics

Our Researchers:

Mike Brook

Michael Brook

Professor, Faculty of Science Chair in Sustainable Silicone Polymers

Peter Kruse

Professor, Associate Chair (Graduate Studies)

A portrait of Jose Moran-Mirabal.

Jose Moran-Mirabal

Professor, University Scholar, Associate Chair (Research)

Ryan Wylie

Associate Professor, Acting Director of Chemical Biology (Graduate Studies)