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Physical And Theoretical Chemistry

At McMaster, a broad range of interests guides our researchers in their pursuit to understand the make-up of the world around us. Physical chemistry bridges the gap between the theories and techniques of modern-day physics and our understanding of chemical systems. Using advanced characterization and computational methods, physical and theoretical chemists work to unravel the phenomena that govern all aspects of the physical world.

Physical chemists apply and develop advanced characterization techniques to a diverse range of topics – energy storage materials for electric vehicles, biologically relevant proteins to understand degenerative diseases, complex surface properties and photo-induced molecular transformations. Theoretical chemists work to establish quantum mechanical methods to improve our understanding of all aspects of chemistry right down to the nature of chemical bonding.

McMaster’s state-of-the-art facilities enable the design and discovery of both experimental and computational methods to advance knowledge across all branches of chemistry. Areas of specialty include:

  • Quantum mechanics and computational chemistry
  • Advanced magnetic resonance techniques
  • Optics and photo-induced transformations
  • Synchotron-based x-ray methods
  • Surface chemistry

Our Researchers:

A portrait of Paul Ayers.

Paul Ayers

Professor, Canada Research Chair in Theoretical Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Peter Kruse

Professor, Associate Chair (Graduate Studies)

A portrait of Rodrigo Vargas–Hernández.

Rodrigo Vargas–Hernández

Assistant Professor